What is Crème?

Creme is a New York inspired dessert shop that puts a French twist on American classics. The French twist comes from our Executive Chef and his Michelin experience. The American classics are cookies and soft serve.

What does Crème mean?

Creme is ‘cream’ in French and we wanted a name that sounded soft, warm and cosy just like our cookies.

Who is the chef?

The chef is Jeremy Coste, he is a co founder of BVC restaurant group (who own the shop). His family have had a bakery in Grenoble for 30 years, where he grew up and his wife is the Pastry Chef at North Audley Cantine where they first started testing the cookies and ice cream recipes.


What are your flavours?

We have 4 flavours - Milk Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Miso & White Chocolate, Oat & Raisin

Do you do vegan?

Not yet but working on it :)

Do you do gluten free?

Not yet but we'll launch it soon!

Why are there nuts in all the cookies?

Because when we were developing the recipes, nothing brought the density but also the crumble to the cookie like ground almonds. We also love the subtle sweet/nutty flavour they bring to the dough. We know that lots of people are allergic so we’re going to try and develop nut free cookies!

Why are there oats in the cookies?

When we were developing the recipes, it was important our cookies were big, but not too cakey. We found that the surprise addition of oatmeal filled out the cookies without making them solid.

Where do you get your chocolate from?

We use a chocolate brand from Belgium called Callebaut. It took us a long time to find a chocolate that melted in the right way, not too fast, at the right time and temperature.

Where are the cookies made?

At our shop in Soho, every day.

Where did you get the recipe from?

Can’t tell you that, but can tell you that Jeremy and his wife Gabi have been serving some of London’s favourite cookies at North Audley Cantine in Mayfair, and this recipe evolved from that one.

Are you going to do any more flavours?

Totally! We’re always working on new ones and have 100s of ideas we want to bring to you in cookie form. It’s important to us that we stay to our French roots so are keen to bring you flavours inspired by our patisserie background.

How do you make them gooey?

Secret, sorry!

Are they undercooked? No of course not!

The cookies actually travel through a super nifty oven that means they can never be undercooked, or overcooked for that matter. The goo is perfectly safe to eat.



What is the ice cream flavour?

Frosted Flakes

Is it gluten free?



Who owns Creme?

Crème is owned by BVC, a London-based hospitality group owned by 3 French friends. Other restaurants include North Audley Cantine in Mayfair, and Ahi Poké which has sites across London.


How much is delivery?

Depends on the postcode but £10 in Central London.

Why don’t you deliver outside of London?

We are working on it but only have one little shop!

I can’t find you on Deliveroo, why?

Deliveroo sets the radius and for the moment it is just Central London.

How much is a cookie?


How much are your boxes?

£22 for 6 and £40 for 12

Do you do big orders?

Order as many cookies as your heart desires, for special orders just email sendcookies@creme.london.