About Delivery

How quickly can I get cookies?

We need 1hr notice for your cookies.

How much is delivery?

£10 in Central London and in Greater London - we charge based on the distance from the shop, up to £20.

Why don’t you deliver outside of London

We are working on it but only have one little shop!

I can’t find you on Deliveroo, why?

Deliveroo sets the radius and for the moment it is just Central London. We also occasionally turn it off when the shop is super busy so we can focus on giving our customers the best service.

My delivery was late, why?

We use a third party courier company and while cookies are always prepared on time from our side, occasionally there are issues on the driver side. We are working to resolve all of these issues to ensure no cookies are delivered later than expected.

I wasn’t home to receive my order, now what?

If you weren’t home to receive your order during the delivery window requested, the cookies will sometimes be returned to us. The cookies can be held until the end of the day but redelivery will be at the cost to the customer.

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